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Origins of Biofuel

Biodiesel & Green Diesel

Biodiesel is a renewable liquid fuel that can be produced locally, thus helping to reduce Indonesia's dependence on imported crude.

The processed biodiesel fuel is derived from Palm Oil, Jatropha Curcas, Coconut Oil, or Soybean Oil.

Biodiesel can be readily used in diesel-engine vehicles either as a substitue for Diesel, or as an additive. It provides power similar to that produced by conventional diesel fuel.


Bioethanol comes from anhydrous alcohol produced from the fermentation of sugar cane, cassava, or corn. Green Diesel is a blend of Plantation Oil and Crude Oil, processed in an oil refinery without adding methanol.

The processed bioethanol fuel can be utilized for transportation vehicles as an additive to fuel, up to 15% of total composition without the need for any special equipment.

Pure Plant Oil (PPO) & Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO)

Pure Plant Oil and Straight Vegetable Oil are those that has not undergone chemical change from its original characteristics.

Palm Oil, Straight Jatropha Oil (SJO) and Soybean Oil can all be used as an additive for Diesel fuel (15% PPO, 85% Diesel) without needing any special equipment. However, with the use of convertor, PPO can be used to purely replace Diesel fuel (up to 100% of the composition), resulting in discontinue need for Diesel fuel.

PPO can also be used to replace Kerosene (20% PPO, 80% Diesel) and Marine Fuel Oil (up to 100% PPO without special equipment).

 Fun Facts
A Flexible Fuel Vehicle
(FFV) can run on
100% Bioethanol