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Origins of Biofuel

The most common types of biofuel are originated from specifically grown agricultural products. This include:
- Corn and Soybeans, primarily in the United States;
- Flaxseed and Rapeseed, primarily in Europe;
- Sugar Cane in Brazil;
- Palm Oil in South-East Asia;
- Jatropha Curcas, primarily in India.

Biofuel can also come from biodegradable outputs from industry, agriculture, forestry and households. This include straw, timber, manure, rice husks, sewage, biodegradable waste, and food leftovers. They are converted to biogas through anaerobic digestion. Biomass used as fuel often consists of underutilized types, like chaff and animal waste.

Indonesia is currently focusing on developing Liquid Biofuel derived from Jatropha Curcas, Palm Oil, and Sugar Cane.

 Fun Facts
Rudolf Diesel, the German inventor of the Diesel engine, conceived it to run on peanut oil

Jarak Pagar - Jatropha Curcas - Energi Hijau Terbarukan Indonesia