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About Biofuel

Biofuel is a renewable energy source that are produced from recently living organisms or their byproducts. The term itself is most commonly used to refer to liquid biofuels. They are fuels developed from specifically grown agricultural products.

Before World War II, biofuels were seen as providing an alternative to imported oil in European countries. After the war, cheap Middle Eastern oil lessened interest in biofuels. But since the 21st century, rising oil prices, concerns over the potential oil peak, global warming, and instability in the Middle East are pushing renewed interest in biofuels.

Indonesia's rich biodiversity and vast potential for development of the bioenergy utilization, together with the integrated strategy and incentives for investment developed by the government, favorably position the country to maximise the promise of sustainable long-term returns from the biofuel economy.

 Fun Facts
Henry Ford originally had designed the Ford Model T (1903 to 1926) to run completely on ethanol